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Gemexx Pty Ltd ABN 32 126 745 717 T/as The Mortgage Approval Company (websites preapprovemyloan.com.au & mortgageapproval.co) is an Authorised Credit Representative, ACR No. 386809 and operates in association with the Australian Finance Group Limited (AFG). AFG is the largest mortgage broking group in Australia. Each month thousands of families move into homes financed by an AFG broker.

As Australia's largest mortgage broker and with more than 650 products to choose from, The Mortgage Approval Company and AFG can help you get the best deal available for all your loans.

The Mortgage Approval Company and AFG do more than just home loans; we also provide personal loans, car loan, insurance, business finance and property development opportunities. The company’s origins started back to 1994 with the establishment of a mortgage management company. Over the past 17 years we have provided borrowers with residential, commercial and property development finance in most areas of Australia.

The Mortgage Approval Company has access to every major residential, commercial and business bank lender in Australia, along with a wide range of leasing and personal finance lenders and deposit bond providers. We especially understand the real estate market, and have access to over 400 loans. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a loan we haven’t seen.

Our mortgage team has an excellent understanding of the competitive finance market and the right tools, processes, accounting practices, controls, and technology to assist you in finding the home or commercial property loan that is in your best interest. We are supported by a knowledgeable and committed team of core staff at AFG

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The Mortgage Approval Company welcomes interested mortgage brokers from across Australia with a passion for finance and the provision of excellent service. We offer a flexible environment with outstanding peer and management support. We encourage personal and professional development, along with a real interest in understanding and participating in our broader business.

The Mortgage Approval Company team are bound to the highest ethical standards, and our own code of conduct. To become a Mortgage Broker with The Mortgage Approval Company you must be committed to meeting our standards and ideals and be an experienced broker, supported by referees, licensing, accreditations & association membership.

Our service commitment to you

Our commitment to you is the provision of first-class service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, every time. Our aim is to make your home finance experience a good one.

Our internal requirement includes meeting quality objectives, pursue continual improvement, and monitor customer satisfaction and this provides you with an assurance that your needs and expectations will be met.

The home loan market has become increasingly competitive, with literally hundreds of loan options available. For assistance in finding the home or commercial loan that is in your best interest, talk to: Richard Wyrill on 0418 998 696 or email richard.wyrill@mortgageapproval.co.

As Australia's largest mortgage broker and with more than 650 products to choose from, AFG can help you get the best deal available on your home loan.

There are many advantages to choosing an AFG broker over a bank or financial institution. Here's why:

The deal that's best for you – not the best for the lender

Because AFG brokers are not tied to any particular bank, building society or other lender, we have no vested interest in recommending one product over another. In fact, we have access to more than 650 different mortgage products. So whatever your circumstances, and whatever your mortgage needs, we can find the deal that's best for you.

A high level of customer service

You'll find the level of support and service you get from an AFG broker hard to beat. We can arrange to see you at a time and place that’s convenient to you - whether that's after hours at home, or over lunch hour at your favourite coffee shop. What's more, we'll take care of all the paperwork from start to finish and keep you updated during the settlement process, so that you know what’s going on. Having an AFG broker arrange your mortgage takes a big weight off your shoulders – which is why our clients keep coming back to us, time and time again.

Quick and efficient results

Our business is geared up to deliver the fastest possible results. In many cases our brokers are able to obtain 'in principle' loan approvals from a number of lenders within 60 seconds. Because arranging mortgages is what our brokers do, they will contact lenders on your behalf and take care of what’s needed so that your finance is in place quickly and efficiently.

Understanding and expertise – when the bank says 'no'

Everyone is different, with their own financial circumstances and goals, from a first time home buyer to an investor with an established portfolio of properties. The Mortgage Approval Company mortgage brokers have wide experience in the art of what's possible, and are able to help customers with more difficult or complicated needs. If it's understanding, expertise and innovation you're after, you've come to the right place.

We are your one-stop shop

The most common factor that prevents a loan from settling on time is the fact that home insurance has not been taken out on the property. If you organise your home insurance through The Mortgage Approval Company, you may also be eligible for a 10% discount for the first year and 90 days' free cover, meaning you won't have to pay while the property settles!



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