Advertising submission for

Please submit all advertising elements and URLs to and Include the following information with your submission. Placement of your order may be delayed if any required information is missing:

  • Advertiser Name
  • Campaign/Product Name
  • Advertising Elements (as individual files, ZIP archives, or via third party re-directs)


Accepted Creative File Formats

  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • SWF (all flash files must be accompanied with a back up gif/jpeg and url for specific landing page).

File Sizes

  • The maximum file size for a creative to be served by is 40 KB.


  • 15 second animation which includes multiple loops.


  • Must be user initiated upon click and must start with sound off.

Accepted Flash File Formats:

  • The frame rate for flash files may not exceed 24 frames/sec.
  • A back-up of the ad should be supplied in GIF or JPG format for visitors without flash installed.
  • Flash version must be under 9.
  • For to count a click, the URL cannot be embedded into the ad itself. will add the url for you once provided. (This refers to CPC adverts only)

General Avertising Dimensions:

Top Banner Advert (above navigation bar)

500px width x 80px height

Sidebar Advert Home Page only

265px width x 560px height

Sidebar Advert All Pages

265px width x 230px height

General Creative Guidelines

  • Ads cannot be designed to blend into page content. A 1px border is required, or the ad must be clearly defined within the ad space.
  • Ads may not begin with slow rollovers, blink, shake, flicker or flash in a disruptive manner. The look and feel of the ad cannot match the MS Windows or any alert scheme or misrepresent a user’s prompts. False functionality (a.k.a. fake buttons) are not allowed.
  • The action of clicking on an ad must not initiate an application download, and all clicks must spawn a new browser tab.
  • All ads are subject to review by and rejection of adverts is under the discretion of



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