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Home Loan Pre-Approval

If you need help getting your home loan pre approval and comparing hundreds of loan products (at no cost) you’ve come to the right place. FHOG, Government grants, fixed rate, variable rate, split loans – it’s enough to make you stay living where you are!

Most of us have aspirations of moving somewhere bigger and better yet are often uncertain how we are going to get the home loan finance. PreApproveMyLoan is here to both pre-approve your loan, qualify you and find the best home loan that suits you. Our service is available Australia wide with our head office in Melbourne, Victoria. The pre approval service offered by PreApproveMyLoan is here to help demystify and we will explain all aspects of home loans and loan products so you can make the right loan decision. Your mortgage loan can be processed online or a consultant can visit you at your home or office.

Costing out your new home loan?

The initial decision in considering a new home-loan is generally determined by how much you can afford without being overburdened or the need to consolidate your debt. By getting your loan pre approved you will be able to qualify your borrowing capacity for the specific loan amount required.

Some of the things that will influence your pre-approval will include earning potential, the length of the loan, size of the deposit, current interest rates and the amount of your outstanding liabilities. If you want to gauge just how much you can afford, you might find the PreApproveMyLoan range of home loan calculators helpful.



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